Lost in Austen

Amanda Price lives in this modern day world with all this technology around her. She has a fast pace life and access to her phone and technology anytime she want. When she went from the 21st Century to the 1800’s through the portal the first thing she did was try and use her cellphone to call someone, but she did not get any service. This just shows how glued we are to our phone. The first thing we always do in a crisis is try and call our emergency contact that we all have. I think without my phone I would not be able to function. I would actually have to talk to people face to face and have a real conversation. I would not be able to talk to people that did not live in my hometown or close around me. I would not be able to listen to music or get on the internet. My phone is my life and makes who I am. If I got hurt or lost and I did not have my cellphone on me I would not know what to do.

Another extension in lost in Austen is the tools that they use to clean there teeth. it really made me sick to see her talk about the branches and chalk to clean the teeth. You would not think that something so simple as brushing your teeth would be so different back then. In todays society we do not realize all the luxuries we have and how simple it is to do things.

Real Housewives

Money, money, money is all it takes to be famous now a days. In the article it talks about two things the Kardashian and  who wants to marry a multi-millionaire. The Kardashian only became famous because of the money they have and they way they look. One thing that we have in society today that was not in the 1800’s is this thing called social media. with out social media there would not be the Kardashian’s. People are always constantly comparing themselves and feeding off of everyone else’s success. Just because you know someone like the Kardashian’s or you are no the show who wants to marry a multi millionaire you are instantly famous and people know who you are. I think in todays world money does change our scale, pace and pattern. Without money we would not go out and buy things such as things to make us beautiful or look better.

Another thing mentioned in the article is was the show the bachelor where girls compete to win the heart of one man. It was mentioned in the article how these women would “sacrifice their independence, their bodies, and their dignity” to fulfill the goal. People will do anything to become famous. They will give up anything to marry someone famous or someone that has a lot of money. Marriage is something that is mentioned thoughout the article. Its all about who you know and who you marry if you want to be known or famous. It just like Jane Eyre where they want to daughters to marry into the rich family so they can have a good life. Its the same in our society our parents want to best for us so they want us to marry a man who has a future and can support you.