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Austin Terry “Lost in Austen vs Real Housewives

Banyon Sullivan “Old Technology vs Reality TV

Brianna Argenti, “Extensions in the Past and Present

Cody Taylor, “Austen and Reality TV: Extensions of Now and Then

Cara Carlucci, “Extensions in the Past & Present

Chris Fiorino, “Extensions In TV ”

Carmen Myrick, “Scale, Pace, Pattern of Extensions

Eric M Chestnut, “Lost in Austen and Real Houswives

Erica Goodwin, “ Jane Austen Parallel World

Griffin Kopec “Extensions, Extensions, Extensions

Justin Joy, “Effects of Extensions Both Past and Present

Jason Wintz, “I Need Colgate and TV

Jennifer Wiley, “Extensions Throughout Time

Jaleel James, “A Clean Signal

Kennedi Brunstad, “Technology-A Blast from the Past

Kayla Locklear, “19th Century Meets Modern Day Times

Kelsey Kramer, “Technology is cool…or not

Kasey Charette, “Extensions Through the 21st Century

Kyla Bonelli, “The Extent of Extensions Over the Years

Leah Kohler, “Husband-Hunters still Exist

Melanie Harris,” Lost in Austen and Real Housewives

Natalie Daining,”Technology makes a difference

Olivia Rodengen, “Extensions of the Past and Present

Parker Diedrich, “The Usefulness of Extensions

Paige Johnson, “Eviction, Instagram, Toasters, and Landing Strips

Ryan Trinks, “Extensions: Now and Then

Shannon Prather, “The Effects of Scale, Pace, and Pattern

Shawna VanCampen, “Lost in Austin and the Real House Wives.

Taylor Farrow, “Extensions in the Past and Present

Zachary Allnutt, “Extensions in Modern Day

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