Lost in Austen

Elizabeth Bennet

A piece of technology that changes the scale, pace, and pattern for Elizabeth Bennet is the light switch in the bathroom. When she comes back to the world of Amanda Price, she is fascinated with the string that controls the lights on the bathroom. In Elizabeth’s world, they do not have electricity yet and still operate on a day to day basis by candlelight. Electricity changes the scale of things for Elizabeth because she has never seen it before, therefore causing her to play with it to see how it works. This may cause her to change the pace at which she goes from room to room because she no longer has to carry a candle with her every time she goes into a new room. The pattern of how she normally functions during her day will change because she now has electricity to light her way.


Amanda Price

The clothes Amanda wears is another piece of technology that changes the scale, pace, and pattern in the new world she is introduced to. Amada’s clothing is seen as being the talk among people in the town. All the girls in the episode are dressed in conservative clothes that have little to no color in the. Whereas when Amanda first goes through the door in the bathroom to the other world, she is wearing jeans and a low-cut shirt that is more on the revealing side. Even her necklace makes a statement. When she goes to eat breakfast with the other girls of the house, one of them makes a sly comment about her clothing. Although Amanda claims that her “normal clothing” is coming to town, she realizes that she is dressed out of fashion. She is offered clothes by one of the other girls and Amanda is now starting to “fit in” with the girls in the town. The clothing situation changes the scale, pace, and pattern of how Amanda is presenting herself. Her clothing is something that people look down on because of how revealing it is so she has to scale back how she would normally dress. She also now has to slow down and realize how the women in the town are dressed. Lastly, Amanda has to get into a pattern or routine on how she gets ready every morning now because she is in a world where a lot of the clothing and things she would usually reach for to aid in getting ready have not even been invented yet.



Real housewives of Jane Austen

In the article, there is a comparison between the book, Jane Austen, and reality television. The focus of the comparison is the Kardashian family drama and those who are close to them. There are clearly mirror characters in the book and within our world today that they article points out. Without television though, the scale of the Kardashian name would not be as big as it is now because nobody had much of an idea who they were before Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. The pace at which they were starting to become known after that situation blew out of control, but again without television she would not have been able to put herself out there in the public eye to explain what had happened and allow people to put a face to the name. The pattern of the Kardashian family changed drastically after that with several appearances, photoshoots, interviews, and clothing lines.

The Bachelor, a dating show constructed by FOX was also mentioned in the article. The show, which pins women against each other as they fight to prove they are the right one for the guy to fall in love with, is well known. Again television plays a major role in how these women changed the scale, pace, and pattern of their lives. These women went from not being known to many, to a bigger scale of the world knowing who they were based off of one episode. The pace at which their lives changed also changed because now they have all these people watching their every move and wanting to know what they do at every minute of the day, even after the season ended, so they could keep up with their favorite contestants. This makes the pace of the ladies everyday lives change because now magazines are bombarding them wanting interviews. The pattern at which they live their lives after the show changes as well because they now have to watch what they say and do on a daily basis because people are still watching their every move.