The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

The real housewives of Jane Austen was a very interesting article that showed the true perspective of how women portray themselves on reality TV shows. It went in depth on how desperate and submissive women act when it comes to marrying rich. The article makes an example of Blac Chyna, who appears of “Keeping up with the Kardatians” and her extremely irrelevant role in our society. Blac Chyna’s fame mostly came from piggy backing off of other peoples success and having a kid by a famous rapper. One of her biggest outlets is social media, without this technology Blac Chyna wouldn’t be as relevant. This would change her scale, pace, and pattern because she would not be as popular therefore stopping money and other assets from coming in. This would slow her progression down substantially and she would surely have to change patterns.

Another show that was mentioned in “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen” was “The Bachelor”. The Bachelor is about a large group of women going after the heart of one man, which will eventually lead to one of the women’s wealth and success. This show would not be possible without television itself. So without television this would change the scale, pace, and pattern dramatically. The show would be nonexistent unless it was transferred or proposed for a radio show or something. The pace and pattern would change because everything would have to be rearranged to fit on a different outlet for entertainment.

In the TV show “Lost in Austen” Amanda Price goes back in time by going through some portal to find herself in the book “Pride and Prejudice” with the main character Elizabeth Bennet. The book and show takes place around the 1800s so technology has changed drastically for Amanda. At this time there was no technology so she couldn’t do things like usual. When it was nighttime everybody had to use candles and other things to see things and navigate through the house. Technology changed Amanda’s scale, pace, and pattern because she now couldn’t just flick a light switch for light. She had to light a candle or fireplace to see, and this also apply s for when she has to cook food to eat. She has to use fire to use anything now. This will surely slow her down when she is trying to complete her day to day task. Another thing she lost when going into the story or back in time was her clothing. Eventually Amanda had to fit in with everyone else so she doesn’t look suspicious or draw attention to herself. So she ultimately lost another piece of technology because her clothes were way more efficient and practical. Amanda’s clothes were made for easy movement and flexibility. The clothes she had to change into limited movement and changed her scale, pace and pattern.