One of the shows that I watch on Hulu that follows the four components of convergence is The Bachelor. As I had explained before The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure as I make fun of the show the whole time, it is entertaining getting a glimpse inside this strange concept of a “husband-hunting” game show. Within The Bachelor it has a communications delivery system to function, that being wifi when I watch it on my laptop. The hardware within my computer that enables the website Hulu to work is the second component. Then the digitized content that the show uses such as background music that always adds in the suspense or the specific mood they want to convey, and commercial breaks which is how Hulu makes it’s money from advertisements. The last component being computerized technology that helps access the content and manipulate it, is how you can fast-forward or rewind certain parts. The only way that convergence can be possible in this case, is to have it in it’s digital form, which is online on Hulu. There isn’t a way that The Bachelor can be watched live, as it is filmed months ago and put together by the producers with the clips they feel are most important to be shown. There is a lot that goes on in the show that isn’t ever shown. The only way that this show can even be, is through a digital medium.

Within The Bachelor there are some limitations and components that need to be though about before airing. There are different workers in charge of all the different aspects that go into the creation of the show. For example the camera people try their best to be present in all of the different scenarios and conversations that go on in the house. They have a level of privacy that they need to take into consideration but for the most part, at least in this show, privacy is already limited. As for the women on the show (and men in the seasons of The Bachelorette) they are certainly feminized, as they are easily replaced as some get sent home every week, making them feel less valuable, and ultimately less respected by the thousands of viewers watching. The workers are as well, as some of their jobs most likely consist of being the dude in charge of making sure the roses that are handed out look nice and lively. That job is so easily replaceable as anyone with arms could do it. Same goes for the house cleaners that keep up the house for the contestants, it is a simple task that no matter the gender of who does it, can be replaced and most likely not very respected. The producers and director of the show is under certain limitations as well for what they can and cannot air. When people curse on the show they have to be sure to bleep it out as some people would find it insulting. They have to keep in mind which is acceptable culturally so as not to offend any races, genders or sexual differences. They have limitations as to what they can show to the public, if nudity occurs they have to be sure to blur it out again, so as not to offend anyone. It is a different time for what is allowed and not allowed and the editing of the show before airing I can guess takes a very long time sorting through all the roles of film and compiling to what they believe will be the most entertaining.