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Costume: In this instance the costuming choices were casual middle class clothing. Codex is wearing a purple quarter button down that appears to be buttoned all the way up so as not to reveal anything. Most likely because around Zaboo she doesn’t want him to get any ideas. She also is wearing casual jeans that exemplify her middle class wardrobe. Nothing is flashy and expensive looking, just very average. Then Zaboo is dressed in a green shirt that is the secondary color of Codex’s purple, which is a costuming visual effect.

Setting & Decor: The setting is Codex’s living room that has a homey and quaint apartment feel to it. The light green walls are a color that represents a calming feel that Codex is most likely going for. It looks like shelves full of CD’s or movies meaning Codex likes to listen to music or watch movies. There is a ton too which emphasizes this hobby of hers. The red couch matches the red/pink painting on the wall that compliment each other. The plants (which most likely are fake) add a sense of the up kept house that  Codex tries to keep. If the plants were dead it would be obvious she doesn’t try hard but if they are fake that also shows she doesn’t try hard or else she would have real plants.

Lighting: In this scene there is natural lighting from the window to the left off screen which would be the key lighting. There is no back lighting as the wall is right behind them. The fill light may be present but it appears that the main source of lighting is coming from the window. This is obvious as there is a clear shadow on the right side of both characters and a strong highlight on the left. This makes the scene appear to be very natural and not staged.

Space: In this screen shot, it is a deep focus as we can see the surrounding area of both characters in the scene. The camera switches from shallow up close shots of the characters but this one is deeper to show the awkwardness that Codex feels in this moment. In having a deep focus shot it portrays an awkward feel as the distance between the characters is notable.

Acting: The acting in this scene shows what had just occurred. Zaboo said an awkward comment to Codex that she felt super uncomfortable about so she distanced herself from him and told him that this wasn’t working out and for him to move out. Zaboo is confused about this as he shows his confusion with the expression on his face and his stance. Codex shows her uncomfortableness as she is tense and awkwardly has her hands on her thighs. Her face expression is searching for the words to tell Zaboo to leave as she feels awkward telling him so.


Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 5.40.17 PM.pngCostume: In this screenshot we have Clara’s children in children’s clothes that show the gender. The older toddler is a girl as she is wearing pink and has a little pigtail and the baby is a boy as he has on a red shirt. The baby isn’t wearing pants as most babies don’t so you can see his diaper. The reds and pinks compliment each other as they match the pinkish glow that Tink’s bedroom gives off as well.

Setting and Decor: Well obviously the children in this shot are in a cage. This makes me uncomfortable knowing they filmed these poor kids most likely scared to death in a cage as they cried to get out… but the cage is in Tink’s bedroom most likely next to her window. and next to a chair or couch. Her colorful curtains are to the left which most likely give the pinkish glow. There are stuffed animals and pillows in the cage with the children to make the cage seem less scary, with toys are something to keep them busy.

Lighting: The lighting in this screen shot is warm and pink as the key light from what most likely is a window is beaming on the cage. There is no fill light as you can tell by the shadows cast on the right side of the children. There is also no back light but only the light shining from the left side of the scene.

Space: This shot is shallow as it is close up on the children where you can tell they are in a cage but not too far out to maintain the closeness to the crying children. If it was to be a more deep shot than the feeling would be lost with the intimacy of the shot. The close up view really allows the viewer to experience the feelings being felt in this moment.

Acting: Sadly to say this isn’t even acting as these poor children are really actually crying since they are too young to be told to cry in an acting sense. They are probably scared and don’t want to be trapped in a cage.