In this scene the Guild is walking to their seats as Mr. Wiggly first trails off when he says yeah and all can hear Zaboo sigh and stand up to enter the room. He then forcefully hands Mr. Wiggly the baseball glove Vork gave him and the hit can be heard as Mr. Wiggly tells them all to please be seated which are both diegetic sounds that everyone can hear. This is the only time that any speaking is heard in this 30 second clip. Then there is the diegetic sound of all of them shuffling to their seats, sitting down and putting their headphones on.

Next, Mr. Wiggly nods to Codex to begin playing the violin as Anvinashi, the bride enters. You can hear Zaboo click a button to begin recording which may have been added in later in postsynchronization dubbing but it seemed to be forcefully hit hard enough so it probably was heard fine in the recording. This sound is diegetic as all the characters can hear Codex playing the violin and Zaboo pushing the button. The sound of Clara’s heels clicking on the floor as she presents at the doorway for Anvinashi to enter through is a diegetic sound too as it was heard by the characters of her feet hitting the hard floor.