2017-02-19 (7).png

Costume: The attire of Vork is professional and appropriate for the type of outing that he attended with the other guild members. His suit also matches his personality that is displayed in the first season. He’s the one that is pretty cheap, smart, and all about saving & managing his money.

Setting & Décor: The background of this particular scene replicates that of a restaurant. You have your standard table; table decorations and essentials for a meal. This restaurant does look a little outdated by the choice of décor, yet the more formal or “mom and pop”/ diners have table cloths.  There are paintings to lighten up the place and accentuate the restaurant’s façade. What is quite unusual is that Vork has his own liter soda at a restaurant when they provide a beverage for you.

Lighting: The lighting in this area looks more natural than staged; although, it does resemble more of a high-key lighting setting.

Space: This image portrays a frontality arrangement in which the actor (Vork) is faced square-on with the camera. Because of the arrangement, the director is playing with the distance between the spectator and the screen. The space between the character and the background is fairly shallow while keeping everything else clear and the details of things in focus.

Acting: Vork is presented as a geeky, somewhat quirky, and very planned individual. His personality boasts through his acting abilities. The acting is normal for the character and you would expect him to do such things while at the restaurant.

2017-02-19 (3).png

Costume: The kids are wearing typical clothing of children their ages would wear; minus the pants missing from the baby boy. From the looks of it, the kids are wearing clean clothes despite their not so clean environment that they’re entrapped in. They have on modern day clothing and are wearing colors that defines their sex. (ex: pink for girl, blue for boy)

Setting & Décor: Unfortunately, the children are being neglected by their babysitter and left to play in a “prisoned” atmosphere. Their caregiver tried to make their surroundings a little more compelling by the additions of cute blankets and pillows that might make them feel comfortable. In Tinkerbella’s room, she has curtains that support the overall theme of her room.

Lighting: Because the children are displaced right behind the window, there is a lot of natural sunlight coming through in this scene. There may be some high-key lighting focused on the children’s faces, but for the most part, it looks like the primary source of lighting is natural.

Space: In this scene, there is another frontality arrangement. We receive the image of the children in distress square on. The main focus is on the children and their current situation and everything else in the background is less important.

Acting: There isn’t much acting going on in this scene. Kids are doing what kids do but in this instance, they are in misery because they don’t have the freedom that they usually have in their own home. Therefore, they result to crying and trying to get the attention that they need.