The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

Today, many individuals have the access and the pleasure of social media to interact and entertain themselves daily. And it’s no different when it comes to celebrities. People like Blacc Chyna and the Kardashian family live for the social media feed! Everything that they do is for the cameras and the publicity that they get from it. Social media is the gateway for how these particular people stay relevant. An assortment of applications and websites allows users all over the world to connect by creating and sharing content. Primarily designed for the use of social networking, social media has branched out to assist people in business affairs, broadcasting promotional benefits, and the spread of news. It even influences some to mirror the lives of those always in the spotlight (the Kardashians). The extension of social media now is more than just interacting, but a critical way of keeping tabs and attendance on the lives of others.

In the early 2000s, a popular love show aired on ABC which consisted of a group of women fighting to win the heart of one man. While the average person finds love in eight months, these women are given a time frame of six weeks on The Bachelor. The ultimate goal is marriage. It was mentioned in the article how these women would “sacrifice their independence, their bodies, and their dignity” to fulfill the goal. This show entrapped many women and some men into thinking that this is the process of finding love. It fools the mindset and the marriage that’ll be conducted after the show.


Lost in Austen

Debuting back to the old times, the means of living were very different to what Amanda Price was used to. With the abrupt change from being in her world and then to Elizabeth’s was like trying to learn a foreign language. Everywhere in Elizabeth’s home were candles. Because electricity wasn’t quite developed yet, the means of having light was consistent with having multiple candles lit with fire. Being so used to the benefits if the 21st century, Price had to adapt to her surroundings and learn to live/work with the new “benefits” she was introduced to.

In addition, there is a significant change in the custom of their clothing. The very reaction presented by Mr. Bingley once Amanda Price bowed at the introduction of herself shows that he’s not used to seeing women dressed like her, let alone peeks at bosoms.  All the other women in the room were very modest in the articles that they wore having their chests completely covered, draped in gowns that surpass their ankles. After their collective conversation, Amanda was soon appropriated to their culture by receiving a dress to suit the standards of the period.