You will then write a paragraph or two regarding the significance or importance of the cinematographic choices made within the section you captured

This particular scene and the dramatics used to emphasize the meaning was very comical and ironic to me. In most situations, you’re presented with a mom who would love to spend time with her children as opposed to a virtual video game. Clara acted as if her children were intruders or strangers and completely disrupted her mojo. (I mean, well they sort of did.) But, with most mothers, they don’t exactly choose a game over their children’s need for attention. They would also stop what they are doing just to tend to their children for whatever reason. Yet again, Clara isn’t our “typical” mother.

At the very instant that Clara’s husband opened the gate that separated Clara’s private space and the children’s “play” area, the cinematographer played with the effects of the rate in the scene. With slowing down the scene (slow-mo), the tension between the kids and Clara is now heightened. You clearly see that Clara didn’t want the barrier to be opened and now that it was, it just stressed Clara out completely. To highlight this scene even more, the cinematographer used rapid movement, switching the camera from Clara’s point of view to the children’s point of view and tilt of the camera as the children excitedly drew near.

In order to execute the proper tone and emotion for the scene, the cinematography that was incorporated was shallow focus and medium long shot when the camera was on the children. Once the camera switched to Clara, it was more so deep focus and a medium close-up. The background of the kitchen in the image of the children was blurry solidifying that it was a shallow focus. When the camera was on Clara, her background was very clear. You were able to see the window, curtain, the desktop, and various of other things that were displayed in a sharp image.