Thursdays are my absolute favorite days! If you’re aware of Shonda Rhimes and the promo of “Thank God it’s Thursday” (TGIT), you are very familiar with the hit shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. Without a doubt, my all-time favorite of the three and just in general is Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama TV series in which focuses on a particular group of doctors all at the same hospital. The show is presented in a transmedia display; meaning that it has multiple formats and platforms in order to tell the narrative of the story. As the show exponentially grew in numbers over the years, new presentations of the entertainment arose. The producers of the show have created a second television series, a video game, and two webisodes to express Grey’s Anatomy in different forms. The digital convergence gives viewers the ability to watch the same content, but again, in different forms and from different types of devices. With the addition of these mediums, it succumbs the show to have a better understanding of the storyline and the fictional world that it exhibits. (ex: You feel as if you’re apart of the character’s life and you connect to them on a more emotional level.)


Haraway’s definition of cyborg and the homework economy correlates to the influence of the writers in many ways. It’s safe to say that the women in Grey’s Anatomy definitely run the show in their workforce in the hospital. Majority of the main characters are women and they are heavily presented in the episodes. Also, the characters in show absolutely can be defined as cyborgs. They work day in and day out like their machines to save the lives of others. On the other hand, it also can be introduced that sometimes the work of these “doctors” are being performed by machines. In many episodes, the concepts of establishing robotic systems to execute specialized or more complex surgeries are eventually carried out. The 3D printer has too become a valuable asset to assist the characters in medical emergencies/cases. These incorporations from the writers shows how passive humans have become in their work field with allowing the machines do operate the functions for them.