(I am splitting my 25 second sound bit into two parts.)

Part One – (1:02:30-1:02:36)

Part one, although much shorter, has quite a bit more sound elements than the second part does.These six seconds show the aftermath of Bladezz “magic show,” where, in an attempt to (almost) swallow fire, he sets the curtains on fire inside Cheesy Beards. The sound bit starts off with Ollie (Cheesy Beards boss) screaming, “Fire in the hole!” Meanwhile, there is ominous music in the background paired with the sound of roaring flames. As noted in the annotations in the video, the fire effects (and sound) were added in post-production. Both the music and the sound of the flames are examples of postsynchronization dubbing, as both of these elements were added later on during the editing process and not actually heard during the filming of the scene. The screaming and yelling coming from all of the customers in Cheesy Beards is an example of direct sound, as this was recorded at the same time as filming. There is also an example of offscreen sound, as the roaring of the flames on the curtain can be heard even when the camera does not show the flames.We also can see an example of sound perspective in this clip, as the yelling from customers in the restaurant gets more muffled the farther away they run. Combining all of these sound elements for this scene makes for a more realistic approach, the more realistic it sounds, the more the audience believes the story. Of course, the music isn’t added for the realistic effect, just drama and an element of suspense. I should mention that everything in this scene is diegetic, aside from the music, which was added in post-production and could not be heard by the characters (again, it was simply added for a dramatic effect).

Part Two (1:02:36 – 1:02:55)

Part two consists of a complete sound cut and black screen at 1:02:36 – 1:02:38. From 1:02:38 – 1:02:55 we see Codex recording herself on her webcam, this of course is diegetic, as Codex can hear herself talking. This sound bit did not consist of any sound elements other than direct sound, as Codex was just talking for this entire bit and no background action occurred. There was, however, a small sound bit added in post-production for this webcam recording, the sound of a camera turning on. At the beginning of Codex’s self-recording the audience hears a small beeping noise, this is the sound of the camera turning on. Although this sound was added in post-production it can still be considered diegetic sound, because video cameras/ most webcams make a beeping noise when you turn them on, so Codex most likely heard the noise too.

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