Cinematography in The Guild

I really loved this scene in Season 2 of The Guild, I thought the cinematography was was well thought out for just a short segment of the show. This short segment includes many examples of cinematography, or “…the elements at play in construction of a shot. (Yale Film Analysis Guide)”

Just as an aesthetic element, the color and contrast in this scene were well thought out. The image of the sunset in the background with “stunt man,” is a very aesthetically pleasing look and the bright color of the sunset contrasts well with his dark clothing and hair. Felicia’s clothing also matches the flowers, I’m not sure if this was intentional, but this was again an aesthetically pleasing choice.

There is an example of deep focus at the end of this scene where Ferny is facing Felicia it is zoomed in on the back of his head while Felicia’s face is on a different plane, while it is not extreme, there is a definite varying focus in the image. 33:03

Shallow focus is also used in this scene, one plane is in sharp focus and at 32:58-32:59 we see a focus on Felicia’s face, the close up doesn’t last but two seconds, but the cinematographer makes it clear that the focus should be on Felicia during those few seconds.

There are quite a few zoom shots in this scene, in the beginning there is a zoom shot on Ferny and the bo-staff that he is using in the scene. It begins with zooming in on Ferny practicing before it cuts to Felicia coming down the stairs. The zoom in’s on Felicia and Ferny’s faces are both examples of zoom shot as well as shallow focus.

While the majority of this scene is filmed at angles that are straight on, it begins with a panning angle of Ferny with his bo-staff, that is not a straight on angle. The angle starts lower, looking up, and pans upward, then cuts back and forth from a straight on angle and an angle that is a side shot; this creates striking visual compositions and allows the viewer to see the actor at more angles than normally available. Within this is also the level, as I stated before there is a panning upwards at the beginning of the scene when we see Ferny with his bo-staff.

This scene also has a couple examples of point of view shots, when there is a zoom in on Felicia and Ferny’s faces it is as the point of view of the actor opposite them. This creates an image that makes it look like the audience member is looking through the eyes of the actor, looking at the other actor, creating a more personal experience.

There are also examples of long shot, medium long shot, medium close up, and close up in this scene as well. We see an image of Felica’s whole body at the bottom of the stairs, we also see images of a portion of of both Ferny and Felicia’s body, we see close ups of their faces, etc.


*Just as a side note, this video is longer than it was meant to be, I was having problems on my very old computer with loading the screencast software and the video that was saved on my computer was struggling to load. In the show it is 32:55-33:03.