Costume: In this scene, Codex is rocking a lacie tank top, but very comfortable and casual. It looks as if she is ready for bed and in her pajamas. Her hair is up and it looks like she is wearing little to no makeup. It tells me that she likes to look natural and simple. Also that she’s not into flashy clothing or makeup.

Setting and Decor: The setting isn’t too exciting. It looks like a typical teenage bedroom in the background, with stuff in every corner. You assume she plays the violin with the violin behind  her and enjoys reading. It’s not a fancy or high class looking bedroom. She must come from a middle class family.

Lighting: The lighting is very dark and poor with a key but low light on her face. There no back light or fill light. The lighting is natural to show that she’s taking to her viewers on a webcam. It is also frontality space because the camera is directly on the actor making it appear the actor is addressing the audience. It emphasizes her face and in this scene she is upset so it captures her eyes very well.

Space: The space is shallow focus because it’s more than just the foreground. Codex is the foreground, but then there is a background that shows part of her bedroom. You can notice some of the stuff in her background, other stuff looks like a blob.

Acting: The acting in this scene is done very well. She is addressing the audience and telling them how she doesn’t cope with things well. She shows it in her facial expressing and is teary eyed. Her voice seems flustered matching how she feels. I like how she says “at the end of the game you can just log off, you can’t log off of your own lie.”


Costume: In this scene, Zaboo is wearing a funky shirt that looks like he found at a thrift shop over a bright orange shirt. It screams that he is very outgoing and has a big personality. But it also kind of tells me that he is annoying. His hair kind of wild, which fits his personality.

Setting and Decor: The setting is in Codex’s living room. It is very bright and happy looking. You can see a painting in the background with a fake plant in front of it that must be sitting on a table. The painting looks inexpensive like it was found at Marshall’s or something. The walls are green making the panting stand out, but it doesn’t really match. Then again, neither do Codex’s clothes.

Lighting: The lighting is very clear and bright. There is backlight coming from a window and fill light. The camera is focused on Zaboo, but you can see a little bit of Codex’s nose and his finger on his lips where he is silencing her.

Space: The space is deep space with a shallow focus because it’s more than just focused on Zaboo and Codex’s mouth. You can see the background clearing and and  figure out that they are in a living room or kitchen.

Acting: The acting in this scene really good. I can’t imagine having to do this scene, because it is so awkward and funny. Codex is rambling on about how her winky smile was an accident didn’t mean anything and Taboo is so calm and chill and believes otherwise. He puts his finger up to her lips and says their keyboard chemistry is undeniable and then tells her he has to poo.  It even said they had to redo it because it was hard for them to keep a straight face.