Amanda Price

  • Her clothing:  At first , it is too modern from the Bennet’s and she is showing way too much skin. She doesn’t fit in, so she has to change. The clothing she changes into is a dress which all women wore in that time. It was handmade and needed help putting on. Having to make your clothed and have others help you put them on would surely change the pace of your day.

Elizabeth Bennett

  • Light switch: Elizabeth was so intrigued with the pully-string, light switch. In her wold, they use candles and build fires for light.Which means you have to physically light the candle or fire and blow it out then repeat. With the invention of a light bulb and switch, it’s easy.


Rob Kardashian

  • Social Media: Rob turns to social media and has posted multiple pictures and videos with his girlfriend which claim to be insulting his sisters and mother. It’s so easy and quick to say something over social media. The world has become meaner with the invention of social media. We have also become weaker by hiding behind a computer screen.

The Bachelor

  • The Bachelor  is a show where woman fight over this “perfect” man and try to find love in a small amount of time. Woman all around the globe drool over the though of being on this show to win the bachelors heart. It chances the pace and pattern of woman’s lives because they’re so invested in the show that they compare it to their real life romances. They’ll force love or continuing search for their perfect bachelor.