Welcome to Sanditon is a mini series that finishes the unfinished novel by Jane Austin, “Sanitation.” The following types of Interactivity used within the series are:

1. Stimulus and Response: When users use the Domino app it works on command. “Domino start recording” and then the users are live. When they want to end it they say “Domino stop recording.” This makes the users feel as though they have control over the app. Also, there are links available for the viewers to click on between each video. By clicking on the links, viewers will react.

2. Communication: Users are able to join the app. and post videos acting as one of the Sanditon characters and have others respond to them back and forth. They are also able to  communicate on the app with each other through “FaceTime,” audio or text.

3. Exchange of information: Throughout the series, the viewers are learning about Gigi, the other characters, the next chapter of Sanditon. There are also random recipe videos placed throughout the video starring, Clara Brereton. The viewers can learn to make the recipes at home and then users are able to send in their videos of recipes they made too. The users are watching each other’s videos and others and sending in their experience with Domino and sharing their “Sanditon” stories.

4. Acquisition:  Gigi posts a video each week  and talks about her experience in Sanditon and Domino. The viewers are gaining information about the town of Sanditon and all of the drama through Gigi.