In this 30 second scene, Anvinashi and Vork are at their virtual wedding ceremony in the new Knights of Good Guild Hall. Mr. Wiggly is marrying them. There is music playing in the background which is non-diegetic. The camera is zoomed in on Avninashi and Vork who are about to say their vows and then the camera zooms out and makes a sound that goes with the zoom to give off a cool view and feel of the ceremony. This would be a non-diegetic sound since only the viewer can hear it. When Anvinashi speaks, it would also be external diegetic since she is speaking out loud along with Mr. Wiggly’s response. There is a lot of awkward silence in this scene when nobody really talks, they just look at each other, but there is still music playing in the background and it seems to fit perfectly. After this scene it goes black and back to Codex who is also speaking out loud in another external diegetic scene. The overall quality of the sound is very clear and good in both scenes, making it easy to know and feel whats going on.