Costume: In the screenshot above, Tink is wearing two tank tops. One is blue and the other one is orange and white with stars on it. Her hair is straight and she is wearing multiple beaded necklaces and hoop earrings. She also has on headphones so that gives us the impression that she is communicating with someone. The way Tink is dressed she may be portraying as a teenager.

Setting and Décor: Tink is in her bedroom playing The Guild and talking to the other players. The main color scheme shown in her room is orange so that may mean her favorite color is orange. She has a lot of pillows on her bed as well as stuffed monster. This also lets us know that she may be a young person.

Acting: I would say that Tink did a very good job at acting to say that this is just a low-end video series. This would be a great start if you wanted to pursue a career in acting.  Tink had a very sarcastic tone just like any typical teenager would have. She played the teenage role very well.

Lighting: Although in this screenshot it doesn’t show where the lighting was coming from but I must say it was coming in from a window or her light was on in the bedroom. The main light source is mostly coming from her left side.

Space: The space for this scene is in Tink’s bedroom. It is much decorated and it looks like a typical teenager’s bedroom. It looks like a very confined space. Noticing how close she is to her bed from her study table.



Costume: In the next screenshot, Vork, is wearing a nice suit and pouring orange Soda. He looks very professional.  Being the leader in the game you have to portray yourself as a leader.

Setting and Décor: Vork is in at a restaurant pouring himself some orange soda. The restaurant gives off a seafood vibe because there is a pirate’s knife on the wall as well as two pictures with a cool color scheme and birds flying around. The restaurant doesn’t look modern. It looks like mid 90s maybe with a bland color scheme.

Acting: Vork played the scene very well. He filled the shoes for being the leader of the game good. He dressed the part and acted the part.

Lighting: In this scene the lighting is low. You can tell that it was not filmed by a modern day camera. They did the best they could do with what they had.

Space: Once again, the area shown in this shot wasn’t very good. It was a tight space and not very good lighting. It looked like this whole series was limited on space and they didn’t have much to work with. There were not very many different angle shots shown.