The show Bates Motel is one of the shows I enjoy watching. This is an example of convergence because not only is it on television it is on Netflix as well so you can interact with it. After the death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel in White Pine Bay. She hoped that this will give herself and her teenage son, Norman a chance to have a new life. Although this show is on television, Netflix makes it easier because you can search it and it pops up quickly. Netflix is connected through the internet which requires a keyboard, mouse, and sometimes a remote. You can use Netflix on your television, laptop, computer, tablet, and even a phone.  Netflix allows you to rate your favorite shows and also gives you other types of shows you may like based off of the previous stuff you have watched.


The people that created this show probably used a computer to pick the perfect place to set the theme of the show. To me, this is considered a cyborg because the actors and actresses needed to have their scripts printed off in order to learn them so that consisted of using a computer and a printer of some sort. Cameras were involved so they could get the right angles, lights were used to get the correct color tone, and designers were needed to get the costumes in order for the scenes. Since Norma runs a hotel she uses a computer to keep track of who stays in her hotel. As well as the sheriff, he uses a computer in his office.