Lost In Austen

One of the first extensions that stood out to me would have to be when Amanda Price asked to brush her teeth, Jane told her that the tools were right in front of her. Amanda comes from the 21st century where you have a toothbrush and tooth paste to brush your teeth. Whereas during the 19th century you are provided with sticks, powder, and a salt block to clean your teeth. Jane is from a time where toothbrushes have not been invented yet, so when Amanda saw this it changed a scale in her life. She is used to just putting toothpaste on her toothbrush and just going ahead and brushing her teeth but using a stick is much more different and probably more difficult as well.
Elizabeth’s mother, at first sight of Amanda Price, was in utter disgrace. The second extension that has come about was the clothing. During Elizabeth’s time the clothing was very modes and you rarely showed any skin. The dresses were long sleeves and straight to the ankles. All of the girls were dresses and all of the guys were suits. You hardly saw any skin showing. Ms. Price had on jeans and a very low cut shirt which was uncalled for during the 19th century. The way Amanda talked and dressed stood her out from all of the rest of the characters and Elizabeth’s mother was not very pleased with her. She felt like Amanda was a bad influence on her dear daughter Elizabeth.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

An extension I received from this article would be about the Kardashians. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are known as the Kardashian sisters. They have had a few television shows about their everyday life. They became famous based on their looks and the way they dress and carry themselves. The Kardashians would not be the Kardashians without their money, fame, shows, makeup products, or just themselves in general. The high ratings on their shows made them who they are today. Everyone knows them and the drama they portray.
In this article it mentions how Austen’s female characters always have two different roles. On in which they are “privileged” and one in which they are “powerless”. The first extension I stated how some women are privileged. The next extension I will discuss how one is powerless. In Love and Friendship, a woman named Susan, is a very smart woman who is lacking opportunities that will help support herself; self-adornment. Although nothing seems to be going right for Susan she still uses her conventions to get what she wants in life. Susan make the Bennet girls look “tame” and the most disgraceful reality stars look like throwbacks.