Lost in Austen

Going back in time to the 1800’s, Amanda Price found it quite difficult to communicate and live in another era other than the 21st century. Amanda has to learn how to live without the utilities such as cellphones, electricity, and running water to brush her teeth.  She was so use to living with all of these privileges that it was hard for her to try living without them. She also has to learn how to communicate with the Bennett family in a way for them to understand what she is talking about.

Not only does Amanda have to learn how to live in the 1800’s but Elizabeth also has to learn how to survive in the 2000’s.  Her fascination of the lightswitch is just one example of how different their lives are and how much she has to learn.  She must learn all the different aspects of changes and how the world works in the future.   It changes the pace of  her lifestyle because she has to catch up and learn about a whole new world out there.  There is so much out in the world that she is unaware of and has to learn about all of it.


The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

Blac Chyna is a well-known celebrity in the pop culture industry.  She most recently known for dating Rob Kardashian and being a small part in the hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  She often post pictures of herself on the social media platform Instagram which she has over 11 million followers on.  The pictures that she posts often have been photoshopped or enhanced giving an unrealistic image of what women should look like in order to be “beautiful”.

The Bachelor is a hit show on ABC in which multiple women battle it out to fall in love with a handsome man. It is an unrealistic form of how one should fall in love because often times they will fall in love within the short time frame of six weeks.  Most relationships last longer than six weeks before they consider themselves to have fallen in love with their significant other. This show gives other woman unrealistic expectations on how love should be and how they expect a man to treat them.  This show can be considered a change of pattern for a female (or males) life because they some women will do anything they can to try to find a relationship like one appears to be on the Bachelor.