Throughout the twenty-first century social media has grown immensely.  It has developed from Myspace and AIM to more popularly used websites like Twitter and Instagram.  Social media is a part of out every day lives whether we like it or not.  Twitter and other various social media platforms are often used on hardware such as computers, tablets, cellphones, or even game consoles.  The types of digitalized content that are included in these social media sites are audio,video, and text.  Twitter relies on the use of wireless internet connection in order to work.  Each post is is interactive because you can comment, like, or share other peoples thoughts.  Twitter can be used as an example of transmedia because it is far more than just a social media website, our culture uses it every day as a form of communication in a variety of different ways.


Twitter is much more than an application on your phones or a website on your computer.  It may seem as if it is just mechanical, but there is a human spect to it that is often overlooked.  Behind every tweet is a human’s thought that develops the posts.  Every tweet has its own story and reasoning behind why it was posted to the account.  Users often find that these sites are easy to maneuver through and can be easily accessed by anyone.  With anyone having the option to use it, it becomes a bigger part of our culture.  Not only is it used as a way for people to share their thoughts and feelings but is also used as a form of communication.  Twitter and other forms of social media have changed the way we communicate in the twenty-first century.