Lost In Austen

An extension that Amanda realizes will no longer help her is her cell phone. When attempts to use it, she realizes that she is now in a time period where cell phones do not exist and no matter how high you lift the phone, there will be no bars. This is an important moment for her because she finally starts to grasp the world that she has now become a part of. She can no longer reach anyone from her life in the real world and must adapt to Jane Austen’s world in Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth Bennet immediately was fascinated by the light switch in Amanda’s bathroom. She says herself that if she had one back in her house then she would do nothing but play with it all day. This extension is something revolutionary and completely changes her world. Back home in her world, the only sources of light would be the sun and candles. Electric lights would extend both the amount of hours that people during her time period worked and personal hobbies.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

The Kardashian’s rely on the extensions of money, fame, and personal drama to keep their power. Without these three things they would not possess their image and instead would be exposed for who they really are. As long as they have these extensions their lives are full of power, privilege, and the ability to influence millions with their voice and style. In fact they seem only to live for their purposes and continually reach a larger audience through the use of social media. Whether it is a tweet, a scandalous photo, or some form of product placement, the Kardashians continue to ensnare others in their lives.

The extension of the Bachelor has greatly affected both men and women. For men, it gives a guideline of something that most women seem to desire or expect in a man and they are able to adapt themselves to get what they want. But it is much easier to see the effect that the show has on women. The article brings up the things that women will sacrifice in order to get the man. Things such as their bodies, independence, and dignity are trivial things to sacrifice in order to marry a wealthy man. This extension was created for entertainment value, but seems to be detracting from society rather than adding any kind of value.