the-guild-screenshot-1Costume: Codex’s outfit is casual and comfortable, suggesting that she wasn’t planning on doing anything other than playing on her computer today. However, her hair looks clean which is a contrast to the rest of her bedroom.

Setting and Decor: Codex’s bed is very messy with what I assume to be dirty clothes scattered all over it, suggesting that she has been too busy playing the computer game to clean her room or do some laundry. The violin case in the background is open which suggests she has been practicing lately. Also, the sticky note in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture (and all of the other sticky notes stuck to her computer shown  before and after this screenshot suggests she either has trouble remembering things or that she is trying to put effort into not spending as much time on the internet.

Lighting:Three-point lighting is being used in this shot. The key light is coming from the right of the screenshot (codex’s left) and the fill light is coming from the left (Codex’s right). There is also some back lighting coming from the window, which was possibly unintentional.

Space: The space in this shot is deep, having a distinguishable foreground, mid-ground, and background. The background, towards where the windows are, is a little blurry and out of focus, while the foreground, the back of the computer and Codex’s face, are completely in focus. This suggests that Codex is what the viewer should be focusing on.

Acting: In this scene, Codex is trying to multitask; playing the Guild and talking to her therapist on the phone about how she needs to stop playing the Guild. The way her eyes are wide and intently focused on her computer suggests that Codex is not really listening to what the therapist has to say. Later in this scene Codex asks her therapist if she could call the therapist back so she can give her full attention to the game, implying Codex feels the game is more important than all other aspects of her life.

the-guild-screenshot-2Costume: The tank top with fun colors and a pattern of stars suggests Tink is relatively young and whimsical. The blue tank top she is wearing under the star tank top matches the color of the first row of stars, implying she is old enough to be able to coordinate an outfit, even if the outfit is a little too colorful and childish for someone that uses the language she does.

Setting and Decor: The multitude of colorful pillows and stuffed animals on Tink’s bed as well as the bold striped duvet suggests Tink is somewhat of a girly girl and comes from an upper middle class family. Her family’s financial status is further supported by the high tech electronics Tink owns. Not only does she have a very nice, big computer and a headset with what looks like rhinestones/polka dots on it, but she has a DS to play on when the computer gets boring. Tink seems to be a clean person who is very focused on how things look. Her bed is made, which is rare for someone her age. She is also wearing noticable makeup, another thing that is rare for someone planning on staying inside and playing on the computer.

Lighting: The only lighting being used here is key and fill light. The key light is coming from the right of the screenshot (Tink’s left), while the full light, which seems to be almost as intense as the key light, is coming from the left of the screenshot (Tink’s right). There is no back lighting.

Space: The space is shallow. The pillows on the bed behind Tink are clearly in focus and seem as if they are directly behind her when in fact there is a decent amount of space between then because Tink is on the opposite side of her room from her bed.

Acting: Tink is preoccupied by the game she’s playing on her DS, as seen by her body being turned slightly away from the computer screen and her eyes focusing on the DS, but still maintains a part in the conversation happening over the internet.