The technology available during the 1800’s and now has drastically changed and improved, offering a more convenient and fast-paced lifestyle.  One of the technologies available to people in the time of Jane Austen’s Sanditon was the horse and carriage. This being the only means of travel over a long distance caused the range people lived in to be quite small. In comparison to today, cars and planes allow people to travel vast distances in very short amounts of time. For myself, having a car allows me to live in Maryland but go to school in South Carolina. Back in Austen’s time, a person may never leave their hometown because of the energy and time it took to travel.

Another extension, or lack of, that influenced the lives of the people living in the 1800’s was the absence of opportunities offered to women. Because of this, women’s lives mainly revolved around searching for a husband and taking care of children, as discussed in the article “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen” by Sophie Gilbert. A girl’s entire childhood would be focused primarily on learning how to be proper and polite and learning skills that would impress men, such as playing the piano or sewing. Then, once a woman had found a husband, her entire life revolved around teaching her daughters to do the same.

One extension that shapes the way we live today is the cell phone. Cell phones offer a world of knowledge and vast means of communication, allowing us to be able to expand our social circles and answer questions instantly. Cell phones have become such an important piece of technology that some people don’t know how to live without one.

Lastly, an extension that controls how people live today is money. It is next to impossible to live in today’s society without some sort of income, causing the majority of people’s lives to be consumed by looking for and working a job. People who don’t want to work have to find other means of supporting themselves, such as marrying someone with money or finding a quick and easy way to become famous, discussed in Gilbert’s article. Even if someone is looking for a wealthy partner instead of a job, they are still focused on supporting themselves and their lifestyle, just with the condition of not having to work. From the time when children are given chores to do around the house for a weekly allowance to when we retire at an old age, money is the main drive for what we do every day. What we can and can not buy is based on how much money we have at our disposal, where we live depends on our income, what we drive or if we even have a car depends on our income or what kind of credit we have. Everything today revolves around money.