Footage being analyzed from season 2 of The Guild:

This scene begins with a medium closeup of Zaboo and Clara with deep focus. Then as Clara pushes Zaboo forward, the scale changes to just a closeup of Zaboo with a shallower focus, causing the audience to just focus on Zaboo, compared to before when the viewers were supposed to focus on Zaboo and how he interacted with the other characters around him. The angle of framing stays at eye level with the actors throughout the scene recorded, but as the characters get closer to the camera, the angle of framing seems more in the point of view of the other character. What I mean by that is when the audience is watching Clara talk to Zaboo, it seems normal and like how the rest of the season is performed. However, as Zaboo gets closer to the camera after Clara pushes him, Zaboo makes eye contact with the camera, causing the audience to feel like Zaboo is actually walking towards and looking at them. This point of view framing is further solidified when the stunt guy goes to punch Zaboo. When he throws the punch, he is looking at the camera and his fist comes straight for the camera, so it seems like he is trying to punch the audience. After the punch, the screen goes black, causing the viewer to feel like they have just been knocked out. Also, right before the stunt man punches the camera, as the camera moves toward the actor, the movement of the camera is very shaky. This implies that the viewer is supposed to be  Zaboo as they saw him in the previous shot; stumbling towards the stunt man.