At the beginning of my clip, it starts off with the different characters conversing with each other over mics. Even though at times the camera is on Clara, there is also times where the camera moves the focus onto other characters but Clara voice can still be heard. This is made possible through the technique called, offscreen sound. As long as that character can still be heard, through dialogue or even some action, they are still relevant to that scene. At around 1:27, the scene still consists of the characters talking, but the focus has now shifted to Bladezz, he’s talking in the kitchen at his job and as this scene us going, in the background you can hear him cooking hamburgers on the grill. As the scene transitions to the focus being on Vork talking, the sound of Bladezz cooking his burger carries over to the next scene of Vork cooking his burger with Zaboo, tying the two scenes together. The use of carrying that sound over to another scene is called sound bridging. During my scene, there is also many diegetic sounds that are produced, such as the cooking of the hamburgers from Vork and Valdezz, Codex computer losing power, and Zaboo phone ringing. All of these sounds are considered diegetic because they are produced within that scene, they’re not sounds or music that is added after the filming of the scene.