4 of the 6 Interactives that I have seen in Welcome to Sanditon are as follows:

1. Allowing users to upload amatuer videos allows for exchange of information. In creating their own fictional characters and backstory, they’re sending in videos for a fictional story.

2. With anybody being able to upload videos, from professionals all the way to amateurs, this displays navigation. With the website being easy and free to navigate, anybody can now post videos without being the most tech savvy person in the world.

3. Allowing for users to upload their own personal backstories also allow for communication. By each user uploading their own videos, more and more people are joining and creating this network of fictional characters that will soon or later play a role, in which they communicate with one of another.

4. The last interactive that I seen is acquisition. Through looking at many blogs, and watching the web series, viewers slowly start to collect information on each character. In each episode there is more and more for the viewer to learn about the customer, if it’s their beliefs, or their personality, there is always information to be collected to understand a character even more,