The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

Women like Chyna, and The Kardashians have extensions of technology bestowed upon them that women in the 1800s would faint at the sight of. I want to dig into the technology of the bikini, something mentioned when discussing Fox’s Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionare. The bikini is a bitter-sweet piece of technology that not only assists women in the pool and spa, but exploits them on national television when using it for sexual appeal. Given this is not truly the bikini, but the mindset of television producers, and a majority of America. It is a piece of tech that, assisted with a shallow mindset of television producers, gets they marriage made and makes the “housegirl” a housewife.

I don’t want to mention a television show or magazine, but go a little broader. Let’s look at the printing press. While an old concept, the modern printing press allots for media to be out within the next day. This is causation for the housewives mentioned to stir the pot and create more drama. Would Kim report what happened with Kanye the next day? Find out on the six o’clock news. This fast pace, is the fuel that gives the people mentioned something to fight for.

Lost In Austen 

As a crazy advocate for dental health, I lost my mind over the dental cleaning tools Jane presented Amanda with. That technology itself is a back-step for dental hygiene, and certainly would be a learning curve for Amanda. She couldn’t exactly go to wikipedia and find out how to use it. However, that technology is what they had, and what she had to use.

One little bit of technology, that got tossed into a two-second scene, was Charles’ sneeze after he kisses Amanda. Ms. Price is from a time in which infection has gone through hundreds of years of evolution. I think that, that sneeze is foreshadowing to Amanda causing too much damage in her precious world. It would be interesting to see if her presence will impact the world further from just her breathing on them.


To summarize:

Housewives: The bikini, and printing press

Lost: dental hygiene, and medical health.