We find our protagonist Amanda in a bind as she travels to the 1800’s. Not only was Amanda unable to use her cellphone, she also had no use of a tooth-brush, and had to adapt to the use of twigs instead. Being in a time period where cellphones do not exist, Amanda was forced to do more face to face communication than she would have been used to in her own time period. Conversation would also have to be longer, so all information could be fit into a specific time frame, forcing Amanda to plan her day around social gatherings.

As far as not having a toothbrush, that and other useful items key in personal hygiene, also could not have been accessible. Forcing here to use twigs could have made Amanda brush less often, saving her time at the beginning of her day to engage in other activities.
as well as these things, Amanda may be getting avoided by people of the time, due to any foul odors or unkempt  traits she would be displaying.

The article makes way for two far more effective pieces of technology in today’s society. These two are known as silicone injections, and the elusive proposal ring. The article brought up “superstars” by the likes of Blac Chyna and the Kardashians and I could only think of one thing that without it, it would not even garner then have the fame they have acquired today. With these injections, one could go from being a worker at Wal-Mart to a model with just a little social media marketing. One’s day would consist of anything from interviews to endorsement deals with upstart companies based on one’s newly purchased physical appearance.

Also, with these types of “come ups” on the horizon, its only a matter of time before enough attention is accumulated to catch the eye of some unsuspecting millionaire with way too much time on his/her hands. The proposal ring can be used to take some struggling make-up artist or creative director and turn them into the Mr/ Mrs Millionaire with one kneel and a simple sentence. This could make one’s day-to-day life not consist of hard labor and maybe more free time to pursue dreams already in traction, or pickup any new hobby due to the newfound wealth.