1. Exchange of information is one of the most prevalent forms of interactivity in the Welcome to Sanditon series. Users are allowed to send videos of their own skills so to speak, of them acting out scenes from the selected episode. They are also allowed to leave comments in the YouTube comment section to state opinions, or any other statements they feel like sharing with the other members of the audience.
  2. Communication is another one of the types of interactivity displayed by the show. The actors of the show not only live out their fictional lives on Welcome to Sanditon, but they also interact over different forms of social ,media, interacting with fans and building a connection with the audience.
  3. Navigation is also very much present in the Welcome to Sanditon series. When the series was first mentioned, there was a wave of user generated content that was all over social media outlets that essentially, built the town . Adding to that, fans created avenues like making their own media outlets to hone in on the different stories being generated by the audience.
  4. Acquisition is more so tied to the social media aspect of the Welcome to Sanditon series. As users navigated the many fan made stories, the collection of information through fan-made media outlets, made it possible for any audience member following a story to be able to collect information more swiftly an in an organized manner.