In definition, interactivity is two things interacting together and influencing each other. Interactivity may seem like a complex topic, but breaking it down into six basic types allows the concept to make a little more sense. After watching Welcome to Sanditon, it became evident to me that there is evidence of all six types of interactivity. However, the four that stood out to me the most were stimulus and response, navigation, communication, and exchange of information.

The first type I mentioned is stimulus and response. Domino, the interactive website that it used in this series is extremely interactive. And with it being interactive, it provides intense stimulus and is very responsive. A good example of this is the user saying, “Domino, begin recording,” or “Domino, end recording.” This shows Domino is very responsive and is simple to use. As far as stimulating, people seem to feel very rewarded for getting their ideas out their and being able to say things and communicate to people in a way they couldn’t before.

The second type is navigation. I don’t think anything seems as easy to navigate as Domino does. Like I have mentioned, you can control this vocally without having to even touch anything. Everything is located on this website. It was also easily linked to other social media websites like twitter. Everyone was marked with their own personal name so the user would always be aware of who is contacting them.

The third type is communication. I touched a little bit on this already. Communication is made so easy with Domino. It also allows people to remain in contact with each other without being with them face to face. But it is a lot better than just a normal text message since you are able to visually see the person. And to communicate with someone all you have to do is say, “Domino, call so and so.” As long as the other person answers, you can reach them instantly.

The fourth and final type I will mention is exchange on information. I especially like this one because the example I want to use is when something was going wrong with Domino. While Domino is definitely a great way to exchange information and makes it simple for everyone. Along with that, anyone is able to view the information someone is sharing. However, we all know something tends to go wrong with almost any technology at some point. In the show, Domino had a glitch. Domino is a very intelligent site and takes bits and pieces of information that it personally thinks is most important. The information it chose to present began to seem a bit sketchy. For one, Clara and Edward has a deep 2 hour conversation however Domino shortened it to only a few minutes. For a while, Clara was in a debate with Edward and Mayor Tom about making her ice cream shop into a juice bar. Gigi knew there was tension still between Clara and Edward over this. However, Domino decided to cut out the two of them working it out and chose to keep some of the flirtatious part of their conversation. Another example regular people using Domino. They complained that they’d make these really long videos and Domino chose the weirdest things to keep in the video sometimes.