“Stimulus and Response”: Stimulus and Response is commonly used in Welcome to Sanditon. As the people who use Twitch also experience this. It an website or app you can use to record yourself playing video games, and explain its features or a way to finish a quest someone can’t figure out. It’s like the Domino App where you can control when it’s on or not. But, people can see your past recording that you have done.

“Navigation”: Twitch is very simple to navigate around because you just choose where you want to go or what you want to see. When you open the site up you see there is choices between music or the top 10 games out right now. It even has sports.Though the site isn’t voice commanded like Domino is.

“Communication”: The twitch site compares to the Domino app because of the face-to-face interaction it has. It all depends on the area you choose. When you choose video games the host has the main part of the screen showing the game and then a side window to show you their face and the reactions they have towards the game. It’s important to be able to see the host most of the time. Especially if it comes to World of Warcraft releasing a video cause we all want to see the developers which ties into the exchange of information.

“Exchange of Information”: When the twitch video is on the host and watchers exchange information in two different ways. The watchers have to type their questions, sometimes if the topic is super hot you have to type it more then once so they see it. The host then respond through the video to the watchers answering their questions. As this compares to Domino with not much privacy with the questions being asked cause others can see it to.