The exquisite web series by Pemberley Digital shows us amazing examples of trans media interactivity. From the links featured in the video, to the fun followings of twitter accounts, PD is known for using outgoing forms of interaction in their series’ (I’m a fan of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries and followed all of them on social media).

Today, we are looking at another rendition of an Austen classic, Welcome to Sanditon. The series follows William Darcy’s younger sister, Gigi in an attempt to formalize the Domino app. The high tech rendition assists young adult readers in getting sucked in without realizing they are hearing the final tale of Jane Austen. The reason for this stems from the four types of interactivity seen in WtS. 

First and foremost, the series uses a form of interactivity called “Communication.” What this entails is the idea that the reader can communicate with the story book characters. As mentioned above, Pemberley Digital is amazing at keeping twitter accounts active while in production. You can see the characters unfold, showing immense development and allowing you to speak with them as if they were real people. This also ties into another form called “Exchange of Information.” This is a more minor form of communication, suggesting that the reader can send in comments, or videos to the character. This can be done through Twitter, but also can refer to comments being sent via Tumblr and YouTube.

Within the videos we see our other two forms of interactivity, “Acquisition” and  “Stimulus and Response.” These two also connect to one another. Stimulus and Response leads the reader to links, videos, any sort of click or sensor that will trigger a reaction. We see this often with hyperlinks placed within videos, that will lead us to a quiz, website, or another video. Meanwhile, Acquisition could be the response that you get from that stimulus. The series has plenty of recipes you can gain information from, a virtual form of acquisation, as well as information about other series and Jane Austen herself. While there is currently not any merchandise directly linked on the website, there are third party physical acquisitions that you can-well- acquire.

This web series is as interactive as a web series can get without it turning into a video game. I am very pleased with the work and look forward to more interactive trans media from Pemberely Digital!