Stimulus and Response:  Stimulus and response is a commonly used interactivity in “Welcome to Sanditon”.  Users are able to give the program Domino a command and with the right phrase the program listens to the command.  The stimulus would be when a user says “Domino, begin recording” or “Domino, stop recording”.  The response to the stimulus would be that the video listens to the command by beginning the recording or stopping the recording.  Without this interactivity, the site would not work in the way that it was designed to.

Navigation:  “Welcome to Sanditon” is primarily based on the program Domino.  Navigation is used in this program to maneuver your way throughout the site.  You can navigate through Domino by voice commands.  Users can give any command to the program and it will listen.  For example, if you say “Domino, call Eric” it will call Eric.  It is a user friendly site and is easy to navigate through as long as the proper commands and/or phrases are recognized.

Communication: Another common interactivity used in “Welcome to Sanditon” is communication. The program Domino allows the user to talk face-to-face with someone.  The program designer created an easy layout to do so.  You can also record a live video by telling it the command to start recording.  Communication is a key factor in the program being able to run. Without it, the commands would not be possible and the site would not run.

Exchange of Information:  With the exchange of information being a major part of the interactivity in “Welcome to Sanditon” it allows anyone to gain your information if you are using the site.  Anyone with internet access is able to view the videos or conversations that are being had within the site.  Users can also get quick links to twitter, instragram, linked in or other various types of social media platforms that are connected to the account.   There is not much privacy to be had when dealing with the program Domino.