Welcome to Sanditon is a unique rendition of Jane Austen’s Sanditon  where they use a lot of interactive media to emulate the story of Sanditon. Welcome to Sanditon uses characters in Jane Austen’s Sanditon to help tell the next chapter in the story. Allison Paige is played by Gigi Darcy and heads the application “Dominio” to tell the story. Gigi Darcy changes the location of the story from England to Californa. “Domnio” can be used by the people in the town to play characters in the story. “Domino” uses many interactive tools to engage it’s audiences in the story and create awareness of her goals for it. With “Domino” you can make video calls and video messages to further interact with the characters in the story.

This application lets its users create hashtags that can lead its users to different types of post and more information about the story. “Domino” also lets its users use voice commands to activate the application and perform different actions. For example, how Gigi made a call to Tom Parker in the first video of Welcome to Sanditon. The users are also able to create video blogs that anyone on the application can view and interact with. The users are also able to comment about the post creating a communication between the townspeople.

Another very interesting feature is “Dominos” ability to three way call as shown in episode 7 of Welcome to Sanditon. This is a good example of exchange of information since they were all talking to each other about one of the issues they were having in Sanditon. Another good example would be how “Domino” generally lets its viewers communicate with each other. “Domino” also creates stimulus through the use of its different types of links viewers can interact with. It also creates stimulus through its ability to make and answer phone calls.