The web series “Welcome to Sanditon” is an adaption of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel Sanditon brought to the 21st century in Sanditon, California.  Gigi Darcy has brought the app Domino to try it out beta tests in Sanditon for her brother/boss William. The app essentially is a form of communication for for the people in the town to share their lives with others. This allows fans of the show to participate in the virtual world through interactivity that Pemberely Digital offers to them. Interactivity can be found in many different forms and varieties but there are basic types that are found in mostly every form of digital media.

The first type of interactivity present in the show is communication. All the characters are able to communicate with each other through the domino app whether it be a live telephone video call or a recorded and edited video. Fans are able to communicate and engage in the web series as well in submitting their own videos as if they are using the domino app.

Another form of interactivity used in “Welcome to Sanditon” is exchange of information, similar to communication, fans were able to send in a fictional character of them pretending to be living in Sanditon and using the Domino app. Viewers would have had to send in their videos to Pemberely digital where they would be cropped and edited to fit in the show.

A third type if interactivity used in the web series is stimulus and response. For example when Clara is showing her recipes there is a fun little captioning on what ingredients go into it and a sound to go along with each one. There are also parts where the viewer can click on links to twitter or other videos.

The fourth way of interactivity is navigation in that people can choose which videos they want to watch or rewind and re-watch videos. Also within the app the ability to speak command to call someone or end a call with someone.