Stimulus and Response: This type of interactivity can be found in episode 1, home away from home, of Welcome to Sanditon. When Gigi Darcy tells the domino to go to Clara Breton video, which is the stimulus. The program response was switching to Clara Breton’s video. This relationship between user and program is a universal component of all interactivity programming

Communication: The series of Welcome to Sanditon revolves around this program called domino. The main concept of this program is to be able to shoot and share videos for all different types of audiences. The type of interactivity makes it possible for people using this program to communicate with one another. Calls can even be forwarded and connected to other users, which is another reason why communication is a big part of interactivity.

Exchange of Information: Viewers have the ability to send in videos expressing how excited they are about the domino program as well as Gigi being in Sanditon. Gigi is able to show the clips of fans while streaming on her own page. This interactivity is made possible by being connected to the Internet. Exchange of information allows Gigi to see how people are reacting to domino as well as see who is new to the program.

Acquisition: In episode 3, Domino 9000, Gigi tells Edward Denham that the videos can be posted to the Internet. Edward speaks about his aunt and Gigi warns him that she could eventually see what he said because the video could be published. This publishing function allows users to collect and keep these domino videos, which could be bad if something bad is said about someone who could potentially view the video at a later time like Edward has done.