Interactivity, in the sense of digital media, is the interaction between some form of technology or media and its user. Typically, interactivity manifests itself in the form of interactive or immersive entertainment, such as a video game or online forum. As defined by Carolyn Miller, six types of interactivity exist: stimulus and response, navigation and movement, control of virtual objects, communication, transfer of information, and acquisition of items. In the online video series, “Welcome to Sanditon”, a modernized rendition of Sanditon by Jane Austin, several types of interactivity present themselves.


Sending of Information: The entire basis of the web series revolved around beta testing a new video capturing software called Domino. Gigi, the main character and visitor to Sanditon for the summer, lead the beta testings and sent information and vlogs back to her brother, the CEO of the company behind Domino, pertaining to the use and effectiveness of the software. This type of interactivity is significant because information could be shared between her and her brother almost instantly. Before the rise of the internet, information had to be transferred via some other physical method such as a letter or word-of-mouth. Nowadays, information can be readily shared between people and businesses, resulting in a faster and busier world.


Communication: In a similar vein, the Domino application allowed for quick and easy communication between Gigi, Clara, Mayor Tom, and the other residents of Sanditon. Throughout the series, characters made voice calls to one another using the Domino application, once again highlighting the heightened haste of the daily lives of people today.


Stimulus and Response: Throughout the series, the Domino application would generate stimuli through the phone conversations and vlogs the characters would create, and thus receive a response from the users. Especially in the last episode, when her Domino application kept ringing, the stimulus was the ringing of the application, indicating an incoming call, as well as the text message at the top right, also indicating that there was an incoming call. The response from Gigi varied from simply answering the call, to being happy from all the friendly invitations, and finally feeling flustered by the last call. In modern society, interacting with something that generates a stimulus and can receive a response can make us feel more connected with the world, as well as less lonely.


Acquisition of Items: Through the Domino application, residents of Sanditon were able to acquire information pertaining to their interests and actions in Sanditon. Through Clara’s cooking show, the Domino users were able to acquire the information to make and bake certain ice cream related recipes. Additionally, since the videos recorded by Domino were public, users could also acquire information pertaining to the happenings in Sanditon, as revealed by the pace at which the news that Gigi would be staying in Sanditon spread. Furthermore, the Domino application lead to the acquisition of physical items by revealing the location of the ice cream store and advertising the cycling classes.