Stimulus and Response: In the web series Welcome to Sanditon, the characters use an app called “Domino”. This app is an example of a stimulus in which you can command the app to call someone or end a call just with your voice command. The stimulus “c[a]me from the program”, Domino (Miller, Digital Storytelling). The device provides a response from the user by allowing them to interact with other individuals in a much easier way; some of the Characters find it startling and others find it very interesting. Gigi was intrigued when she first saw the popup that her call was being forwarded, thus the app caused a response to its stimulus of providing a call on voice command feature.

Communication: Another interactive feature to the Domino app is that it provides a new and easier way for the Characters to communicate with each other. The app allows for video calling, similar to Skype or FaceTime. Being able to use Domino to contact other people in the series provides for an easier way to communicate and watch how the characters communicate with each other. Using the app is more interesting and puts a different feel on the web series because it seems as if the show is happening in a modern society that we can relate to since most people use video calling to talk to others nowadays rather than meeting in person or calling. The communication in this show also allows Gigi to have meetings with the Mayor without having to physically see each other. This shows that the Domino app has changed a way of communicating with each other almost in an easier way.

Exchange of Information: In this web series, the characters use the app Domino to connect with other characters and even fans to explain events that are occurring in Sanditon. Fans are able to use the app “Domino” to interact with the characters, which allows them to also take part in the story themselves. The fans can talk about their emotions and how the show is portrayed to them as the series goes along.

Acquisition: Using Domino, the characters are able to virtually talk to others and collect information from each other. Through the app, Gigi explains how the town is reacting to the new changes in Sanditon. Clara, the ice cream shop owner, allows the viewers to acquire recipes on some of her ice cream flavors. This type of interaction is acquired through the app, and the viewer, fans, and other characters can learn new information through what the characters tell the audience in their video calls.