4 of the 6 types of interactivity in Welcome to Sandition.

Exchange of information: There is an exchange of information when the viewers are given information about recipes. In a way it is like a DIY, but she gives the instructions. Tutorials are examples of exchanging information .People watch the videos and then share what they know.

Communication: They communicate through the app, they are able to video chat on the app, and text. The characters are able to text, chat, message in any way. It is made so that it would be very easy to get in touch with each other.

Navigation: Navigation had to with how to get around and work with the app. How to interact, and how to talk to others who were near or far. They could text, make videos, give opinions or comments on other people posts, etc. They could navigate the app and basically do whatever they wanted to do.

Stimulus and Response: They could demand the app to do something, this is stimulating and it gave back a response by doing it. This showed who was in demand, and also makes it very easy for the users.