To imagine being stuck in a completely different time period would certainly be exciting but definitely quite terrifying. For Amanda Price everything is so different. The language, the expectations and the judgements. One extension that sticks out to me that would change the scale, pace and pattern of ones life would be the way they get ready in the mornings and before bed. They have their siblings help brush their hair and tie up their dresses for them. To imagine needing assistance with dressing yourself in the mornings and at nights would make it a much longer process. The pattern and scale would change as it isn’t you on your own time but needing to wait for others time and possibly waiting on them.

Another extension that would change the scale, pace and pattern of ones life during the Austen era would be the means of transporation. When Jane goes to visit Charles she takes off on her horse with rain expecting. This changes the pace of her travel as it takes much longer to travel by horse than it would by car. Also the scale where if it rains she will become soaked unlike in a car that is covered. The pattern in which her travel leads could change as a tree might block her path or the fimilarity of her ride becomes skewed in the rain. They also take a carriage when the whole family travels somewhwere which causes for an even slower ride as the carriage is being pulled along by a horse that mainly goes at one speed.

In the article “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen” an extension of almost all celebrities brought up would be the use of their cell phones. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna post their relationship all over social media for the world to see. This changes their pace of life as with the tap of a button a picture or tweet can be seen instantly by the millions of followers each has. The pattern of life changes as they grow even more popular because everyone knows them. The scale certainly changes as their life is out there for everyone to talk about. Not only them but every Kardashian is very present on social media for the world to see their relationships and family feuds as well.

The Bachelor is a phenomena that is very questionable but as pointed out has really started dating all the way back to Austen’s era. The only thing missing is the cameras shooting it for reality tv shows. The extension The Bachelor and all other dating shows is the fact that the soul purpose of them is to be shot for tv entertainment. In Austen’s era most of these husband hunting moments happened privately without the entire town knowing. With today’s husband hunting, the world is notified. The pace of television is increased as viewers look forward to their weekly indulgences of watching other people hunt for their husbands. The pattern of television added to everyday life is having it be so apparent. Have a moment to spare? Turn on the tv and catch up on that episode you missed! Or even better  make sure to schedule out in your week, Bachelor Monday watching parties! The television as an extension to the dating world not only changes the lives of those involved experiencing the husband-hunt, but the scale of all of those who watch. They become invested and it makes them want to watch each week for what happens next and ultimately who wins. If only there were cameras back in the day for the original husband-hunt, now that would make an interesting show.