In the 25 seconds portion, I was given a lot of sound to analyze. Throughout most of my segment what I heard was the sound of glass breaking and music playingThe sound of glass breaking temporally matched the movement of the wall crashing down hinting signs of synchronous. The sound is also diegetic because it can be hear by the players.  The soundtrack  or theme song that plays can be considered a nonsimultaneous sound because it has to had been from a source in time that is before the video that is matched with it. The sound of the background music gives the viewers a feeling of completion and victory. This sound is non diegetic because the characters on screen cannot hear it. The conversation been Clara and her husband can be hear at the end of my segment. I could hear them talk on screen, and off screen as the camera angle shifted. The conversation between them begins to fade out as they walk away from the camera highly suggesting the use of sound perspective.