Real Housewives of Jane Austen: Olivia Rodengen

An extension from “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen” is the show “The Bachelor”. Although they try to make the show look like it is reality, it is unreality TV. This show is a way to tell everyone watching that it is okay to fight over a man, or change how you look or act to impress a man.This show changes the scale by opening up a whole new catergory of shows, views, etc. This changes the pace of the ladies on the shows lives by having them have their life revolved around the show. This changes the pattern of their lives by trying to force love and not let it happen naturally.

An extension from “The real housewives of Jane Austen” is the effects of social media.Social media is now running the world, no matter what we say or think, social media is our newest way of life. Some people let social media run their lives, and for others, social media is their actual job. The Kardashians are and example of how social media can change the scale, pace, and pattern of today. Social media changes the scale for the Kardashians, and everybody by being able to broadcast your thoughts, feelings, next move. It changes the pace of life by making it easier and faster to find information out. This changes the pattern of life by producing new information everyday.

Lost in Austen

An extension from “Lost in Austen” would be the way Amanda speaks. Amanda has trouble contacting and communicating with the people who do not live in her Modern world. She had problems figuring out what people meant, and for people to get their point across. The scale is changed because there is only a small amount of people Amanda could communicate with. This changes the pace by making it harder to talk, and harder to get things done. This changes the pattern by throwing everything off.

Another extension from “Lost in Austen” was the alcohol. Alcohol is something that is usual, and an everyday thing for some people but in the show the people seemed confused when they saw Amanda drinking. Amanda would not notice because that is normal in modern day. To the people, Amanda was being inappropriate. This changes the scale of things by making people more open to drinking, and women drinking casually. This changes the pace by forcing the people to accept that it was okay for Amanda to be drinking. This changes the pattern by making non-modern things, modern for the people in that time.