The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

An extension of Black Chyna that makes her persona is her fame. Black Chyna without her fame would not be the confident and illustrious person that she is in the show. With TV and our societies current desire to be rich and famous, Black Chyna has become a role model and a influence in the media. Her influence on society, the name recognition, and her role on a famous TV show, make Black Chyna the person that she is.

Another Extension of “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen” is the reality TV show “Shark Tank”. Shark Tank has a similar motive behind its show, which is money and the desire to attain it. It has become one of the biggest TV shows in the country just like the Housewives. The American Public likes to see normal people get rich so that their idea of the American Dream does not die. We like to watch people’s lives and even though Shark Tank is a more general glance at the lives of the average joes that walk on, it still embodies the same essence that The Real Housewives does, which is watching people and their successes or failures. This changes the pace of peoples lives because a majority of people want to be rich, after seeing the lifestyles of people like Black Chyna or the success stories people on Shark Tank get. They will then take moments out of their day or lives to try and make money or become famous like the people they see on TV.

Lost in Austen

Amanda in this show is from the future and she stumbles into Elizabeth’s world back in the 19th century, and then Elizabeth is later exposed to Amanda’s future. Amanda sees how the pace and pattern of her life changes because of her inability to use her cell phone. Cell phones in today’s world play a huge role in how we communicate and receive information. A simple google search in modern society is a common everyday luxury that we take for granted. Being able to get information that we want or need within seconds is an inconceivable idea in Elizabeth’s world. The only way to get information in that time would be to find it in a book that may not be around, or if someone knows it offhand. This ability to attain information instantly is something that throws the pattern of Amanda’s day off quickly, not being able to communicate with others on her phone is an eye opening experience for her.

Another extension that also goes along with technology in this show is the electricity that Amanda has. In her world electricity is a daily necessity to be able to use technology or turn on lights instead of using candles. Having electricity could make Elizabeth’s life much easier and change the pace of her day. Instead of lighting a bunch of candles or doing daily tasks in a poorly lit room she could see much better which could give her the ability to do tasks much more quickly and efficiently.

Extensions In TV