Lost in Austen

Amanda is used to using her cell phone in her 21st century daily life, but when she arrives in the 19th century, she realizes she can no longer use the extension of her cell phone. She tries to find service in order to call for help, but quickly discovers that she has been placed into the 1800’s when even landline phones were not used for communication. She quickly has to adapt to the new lifestyle of not using a cell phone to contact people and that she must solely rely on face to face contact with people in order to communicate with them.

Another extension in the series that jumped out was the different styles of clothing. Amanda arrived in a time period where women were to wear clothing that covered up the majority of their bodies; they wore long dresses from chest to toes that also had long sleeves. Mrs. Bennet, Elizabeths mother, was shocked to see Amanda for the first time because she was wearing a short sleeved shirt that revealed cleavage. This extension shows how different women are now portrayed compared to how they were back then. Women were to be seen as modest and not revealing whatsoever. Nowadays its appropriate to wear even tank tops and shorts, which is quite revealing compared to what was worn during the 19th century.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen

Keeping up with the Kardashians as a great example of how technology has changed the scale, pace and pattern of the Kardashian family. This reality TV show is simply about the day to day lives of the several Kardashians. The use of their television show has changed their pattern of lives by providing the fame and with fame, often times, comes money. Their tv show has provided them with popularity based solely  on their money and looks. By having this fame their are able to have money to change their lives by buying newer and better technologies, such as cars, clothes, and style.

Another example of an extension in the Real Housewives of Jane Austen article is marriage. The article explains that these women who basically do not have much to show for themselves other than good looks and a manipulative personality use these qualities to find marriage. When these women find someone with money and power, they cling to this idea of marrying them to make them also have money and power. The extension of marriage changes their patterns of life by bringing in wealth to also buy them this power that they did not have before. Rather than work towards bettering themselves, they are seen as powerless and rely on a mans wealth to change their status and make their lives easier with money that technically isn’t theirs.