In the article “The Real Housewives of Jane Austen” it talks about how the Kardashians have a show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This has to do with the Scale, Pace, and Pattern of their life because if they didn’t have that show they wouldn’t be as famous and in the spot light as they are now. Also they make most of their money now from this so they wouldn’t have many things they have no if it wasn’t for this shows. Lastly it follows them around all day everyday so they never have privacy.

Another example from this article is money. Without money the Kardashians wouldn’t even be in this discussion. That’s what they are most famous for and I think that the money gets to their head because they have so much drama in their life just because they are famous. If money wasn’t involved also they wouldn’t be able to look the ways they do because of all the surgery’s they’ve had. They would just be a regular family without the money.

In the show lost in austen an example of scale, pace, and pattern is speech. When she first goes through the door and see Claude he says that its nice to see women that aren’t promiscuous with their speech. obviously hundreds of years apart people will have different slang and the way they talk. I think that this can be a category of scale, pace, and pattern because technology changes the way we talk to people. we use more of a relaxed speech.

The last example is when she’s in the bedroom ready to go to sleep and she try’s to  check her phone. she cant because she has no service. That is her only way of communication between people. people back in the time of the setting of this show had to use letters or be face to face with the person they are talking to. we use our phones for mostly everything now and cant live without them