One example of convergence in media would be the handling of the NBA and its 82 plus game seasons. The NBA showcases its games over a number of different television stations, such as TNT, ESPN, ABC, etc. They also have a plethora of apps that can be installed on any mobile device. Also, the presence of the NBA over social media is also very heavy. Accounts like ESPN and Inside the NBA are extensions of the association, and spread information and entertainment throughout our tv screens, iPhones, online newspapers, and many other outlets we use to feed our brains. We also can interact with the accounts through the mention system on Twitter, comment sections on Youtube and Instagram, and even demand content, through email and comment, within these same sites.


The staff and crew of ESPN would be excellent examples of Cyborgs in this medium. From the crew that works the teleprompter, giving the reporters the correct lines and correct timing between every segment, to the reporters themselves using microphones to project their voices or special screens to go through slide shows of new events going on within sports. The writers also work intimately with all forms of technology including computers, cellular devices, billboards, etc, to accurately display their meanings, and intents with every think piece, every tribute story, and every documentary dedicated to whatever team is being discussed at the time.