A favorite show of mine is “Supernatural.” Supernatural is a show that follows two brothers as they work as hunters fighting supernatural beings. I can access the show through Netflix or Hulu, watching on my phone, laptop, or television. In this day in age convergence is being used with the way we view television shows from the range of devices it can be watched on the the many different websites that stream the shows, some illegally. The show is based on a book so fans can read more about the characters through the novel. This is an example of convergence between television and novels. During ComicCon many fans dress up at the character and come together, sometimes the actors will show up to talk about the show. This is an example of convergence where the fans can interact with the characters to get to know more about the show. This creates more of a buzz about the show because fans can connect with the characters and feel as if they know them. There are many Instagram  pages dedicated to the show where fans will discuss what they think will happen and how they felt about a certain episode. This show convergence because fans are now interacting with each other, converging the fans through social media and the television show.

Caraway’s definition of cyborgs and the Homework Economy have been influencing the workers on Supernatural  for many years, as the show is in its 10th season. Since the show is based around supernatural happenings, a lot of money goes into special effects and costume. Every episode shows a different monster, demons, angles, vampires etc. and the show manages to make everything look realistic. This is a big difference from SciFi shows in the 80’s where the monsters were obviously wearing a costume. A lot of time has to go into makeup for the episodes, along with the special effects to make things such as chopping off a head look real. The writers from the show also have to put in a lot of time to come up with new material. The show has been out since about 2005 so they have to keep the fans interested. As the show has been out for years, I’m sure it has taken a lot of time of the actor’s lives, they have had to dedicate a part of themselves to these characters for years.