For this assignment, you will create a new page and then link it below. Follow the same pattern as last time: First name Last name, title of your piece. And this time, please alphabetize your entries by the first letter of your first name.

For the assignment, you will write at least two paragraphs in which you (a) explain how convergence works as you access your favorite transmedia story (review DS Chap 3 and the 1/30 Video 1 for my explanation of convergence and reminder definition of transmedia), and (b) explore how Haraway’s definition of cyborgs and the Homework economy have influenced the workers (writers, directors, costume designers, etc) involved in the creation of that transmedia media story.

Finally, don’t forget to post in Moodle (1) the link to the page you created, and (2) a short but thoughtful reflection in which you cite specific examples about what you learned by completing this assignment.

Austin Terry, “Convergence and Cyborgs as seen in The Walking Dead

Banyon Sullivan, “ Convergence and Cyborgs in Marvel

Brianna Argenti, “Convergence and Cyborg with The Office”

Cara Carlucci, “Convergence and Cyborgs: Shameless”

Carmen Myrick, “The Tigers as Convergence and Cyborg “

Chris Fiorino, “Convergence and Cyborgs

Cody Taylor, “Convergence and Cyborgs in American Psycho”

Erica Goodwin, “Convergence and Cyborg with Grey’s Anatomy

Eric M Chestnut, “Convergence and Cyborgs

Jaleel James, “Cyborgs Control the Court

Jennifer Wiley, “Convergence and Cyborgs

Justin Joy, “Nintendo amiibo, Cyborgs and Convergence”

Kayla Locklear, “Convergence in Bates Motel

Kennedi Brunstad, “Transmedia Convergence and the Not-so-Blurry Cyborgs in the Lord of the Rings Franchise

Kyla Bonelli, “Convergence in the E.R.”

Leah Kohler, “Convergence and Cyborgs with The Bachelor

Melanie Harris, ” Convergence and Cyborgs.

Natalie Daining, “Convergence with the Gilmore Girls

Olivia Rodengen Convergence and Cyborgs in The Walking Dead

Parker Diedrich, “Convergence and Cyborgs”

Paige Johnson, “Little Mermaid Convergence

Ryan Trinks, “Convergence and Cyborgs in the Pokémon Universe”

Sergey Bernier, “Convergence and Cyborgs in Marvel

Shannon Prather, “Convergence and Cyborgs in Pretty Little Liars

Shawna VanCampen “Convergence and Cyborgs World of Warcraft

Taylor Farrow, “Convergence and Cyborgs in Disney

Tiara Smith, “Convergence and Supernatural

Zachary Allnutt, “Convergence in Friends